David Bailey

David Bailey

About David Bailey

David Bailey began selling high end residential real estate over 25 years ago with clients that include entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 executives, and celebrities including a few Oscar winners.

In 2002, David cofounded Keller Williams Realty Beverly Hills which to date, employs over 175 high end Realtors, with sales approaching 1 billion dollars. Within Keller Williams Beverly Hills, David leads his own residential sales team, Bailey Group LA, offering personalized full service to their clients in the Los Angeles area.

Born and raised in the Bay area, David’s interest in real estate began at a young age. Following in his fathers footsteps, a real estate developer, David would accompany his father to numerous developments throughout Northern California and Hawaii. “I was always excited to watch the process from inception to fruition.” At 11 years old, David was certain his future would lie in real estate. While other friend his age were getting excited about comic books, David eagerly plowed through the newspaper straight to the Real Estate section.

While attending college at Pepperdine, David began working with several influential mentors, who would provide him the knowledge to build a business model of his own, becoming a successful developer and owner of multi million dollar real estate investments.

David’s love for real estate would lead him to begin remodeling and restoring residential properties with a particular passion for the restoration of historically important and period correct architecture.

Not only passionate about real estate, David is devoted to giving back to the community and sits on several philanthropic boards in the Los Angeles area, in addition to serving as Co-Chair of the The LA Gay and Lesbian Center, the largest LGBT community service organization in the world.

Widely known in the real estate community for his vast knowledge and experience in so many facets of real estate, and a true finger on the pulse of what is happening in the marketplace, David lends a unique level of expertise that is unsurpassed in the industry.