Realtor® Tim Gavin has proven time and again that he has what it takes to create success. From a hard-working military family of humble means, he remembers dreaming of a bigger future, and with the help of his supportive parents, he turned his passion for skateboarding into a professional career. At only 15 years of age, he obtained sponsors and relocated on his own from Phoenix to Los Angeles, where he helped to define the burgeoning sport. After his professional sports career, Tim went on to develop three lucrative sports apparel brands, while along the way, he invested in real estate. Upon selling his retail ventures, he turned his enterprising talents to his third successful career: real estate.

Throughout his professional journey, Tim has developed many lasting relationships, and today is the go-to real estate consultant for a variety of sports and entertainment personalities and industry executives. He understands the unique needs of high-profile individuals and handles their transactions with efficiency and discretion. As a top-producing agent ranked number three among his peers at Keller Williams Beverly Hills, Tim leads a powerhouse team of five more energetic young Realtors® and an in-house marketing team who share his enthusiasm for real estate excellence. “I figured out early in life that you have to be passionate about whatever you do,” Tim says. “If you’re fueled by passion, you’re more likely to become successful. Anything I’ve done, I’ve done 100 percent, and now I’m giving that to real estate. I love real estate, and when I find individuals who are young, hungry and determined who share the same passion, I want to freely give back what was given to me. And what was given to me was opportunity.”

“I wanted to establish a brand that my clients could relate to by working with individuals like themselves. My clients don’t necessarily jive with the old image of a real estate agent, so I show them the ‘new’ agent — someone they can identify with, who has experience in business and also in the culture of young entrepreneurs who are skaters, musicians and lifestyle influencers. I think one of the first things you have to address as an agent is that you’ll be spending a lot of time with somebody, and you want that time to be enjoyable for them.”

Becoming a sports celebrity, business mogul and world traveler at a young age has made Tim street-smart and a tough negotiator. His assertive business style yields positive results for both buyers and sellers. His listings average only nine days on the market, and when other agents have difficulty selling a particular property, Tim has a track record of selling it quickly and with multiple offers.

A buyer was recently referred to Tim after she had been searching unsuccessfully for a home for three months. “In one week, she was in escrow on the purchase of her new home. We beat out 12 other offers, and we were not the highest one. But I had precise communication with the other listing agent and firmly delivered a level of confidence that we would get escrow closed. It’s not always about throwing the most money at a deal, but about understanding both sides and what they’re trying to accomplish. Every seller wants to net the most money, and every buyer wants to get the most value, but there are other nuances that can enhance the deal.”

Tim’s clients have high praise for his real estate representation, and time and again, they have shared the details of their five-star experiences on Zillow. Here are comments from just a few:

“Direct. Honest. Hard Working. Accessible. Expertly informed. A skilled negotiator. Tim has a real flair for real estate, and it shows.”

“In today’s competitive market, having good credit and savings is not enough to buy your dream home. You need an experienced, aggressive and strategic real estate professional with sniper-shot precision to close the deal ASAP. Tim Gavin was that person for us. We could not have purchased a home without Tim and his amazing team. If you need to purchase or sell a home, look no further — Team Gavin will get the job done.”

“Tim and his team provided excellent service, from pre-marketing all the way through the end of escrow. As a seller who has had plenty of escrows in the past eight years, Tim and his team have really set themselves apart in comparison to other agents I have worked with. Tim’s ability to bring everyone together and have everyone on the same page is a skill I truly have come to respect. Communication with Tim is great. He doesn’t leave anything uncovered and makes sure to let me know every thing going on in the transaction. Through the few transactions I have had with Tim and his team, they have made it to be more than a business relationship, he makes sure to let you know that even though this is a business, he truly cares about the relationship he has built. It’s not just about “business” for Tim, he truly wants what is best for his client and he takes that very personal. I would highly recommend Tim and his team to anyone who would ask.”

Despite his many achievements, Tim remains a down-to-earth guy who is both humble and relatable. He is a family man who says he appreciates the ongoing love and support he receives from his wife, Kelly, and their children, Mason, Sienna and Miles. Tim is a big supporter of Lanai Road School where his children attend, as well as his son’s Little League and basketball teams. “I really enjoy coaching, since I can spend time with my kids while also making a contribution to my community.”

So what’s next for Tim? Never one to think small, Tim plans to continue growing his team with an eye to taking the number one spot in his office and being among the top 10 agents in LA. “I’m inspired by real estate because I love what I do,” he says. “I love working with individuals on a daily basis to provide top-notch service and help them achieve their goals with satisfying results.”